How I Fell in Love with Cast Iron Cookware?

cast iron cookware

I am Deepanshi Solanki from Hyderabad. This blog is about my experience with Cast Iron Cookware. I am not an avid blog writer so just kindly bear with my writing style. So now let’s get onto my experience:

I've been using cast iron cookware as my daily driver for around three years. I got my first cast iron skillet from The Indus Valley.  

Committing yourself into a relationship is something you need to be very concerned about. I’ve been in a relationship with my cast iron skillet for more than three years.

The cast iron skillet I purchased back in 2017 has never let me down at any point in my cooking experience. To be true this cast iron pan and myself have been together longer than my husband and I have been together. 

The cast iron skillet which I own is incredibly versatile and even would grow old with me. I wasn’t a big fan of cast iron cookware, until a few years back in 2017.

I was a  bachelorette then and on a busy schedule with my career. I had absolutely no time to cook. I was staying in PG where my meals were cooked by a chef there. Our cook had magical hands. Her cooking was so good that we never felt like doing takeaways from restaurants. 

So, one day I got to talk to her about her secret behind cooking delicious foods. She mentioned that they are from a long-tail of catering and running restaurants. She spoke at a length about the ingredients used, maintaining consistency, flavours, etc. She then mentioned the secret sauce that makes her cooking taste so good. 

What’s The Secret Sauce?

She revealed that it was the cookware which adds the flavour and taste along with the cooking ingredients. She went on to say that she uses cast iron cookware for most of her cooking and that is a key aspect for her food to be so tasty.

It blew my mind! We always focused on the ingredients, preparation style and duration, but never have we given importance to the cookware used. I decided immediately to gift myself a cast iron cookware.

Where to Find The Best Cast Iron Cookware Online? 

I started surfing the internet to buy cast iron cookware. After a ton of research in 2017, I purchased a 1.5L cast iron skillet online. The product got delivered on time. I started to look at recipes to cook on a cast iron frying pan. 

So, in the beginning, the people around me were very sceptical about the maintenance of the cookware. Yes, even I had that in my mind. But now I am here to tell you that everything is fine and it’s easy to maintain the cookware.

Most folks are intimidated by cooking in cast iron cookware because there are many rules that must be followed. And you have to follow them to keep it from getting ruined, which is false! 

There are certain things you should avoid to prevent your skillet from getting out of top shape. But the best part is that the cast iron cookware could come back to form from anything you throw at it. I have seen cast iron skillets and cookware in landfills before. People sandblasted them clean, seasoned them, and happily used it to bake and roast their everyday meals.

So, here I am to make you comfortable with cast iron.

Things You Should Know about Cast Iron Cookware

1. Cooking your recipes with cast iron cookware rocks basically because you get a chemical-free, non-stick surface on versatile cookware. Basically, you can do any sort of cooking in your kitchen with a cast iron cookware set.

2. Cleaning cast iron cookware takes 30 seconds of cleaning and if maintained properly it turns out to be a non-stick. It will last for generations.

3. The heirloom-quality of the cookware is not too expensive, my cast iron 1.5l skillet costed me around Rs. 999/- and it’s much cheaper if you get a cast iron cookware set and after you get one, it will be around longer than you will.

    The Benefits Of Cooking in Cast Iron 

    In this blog, I would like to advise you why you should be cooking using a cast iron cookware, so now a question pops up in your mind why use a cast iron cookware when your pots & pans are perfectly fine? Each of you reading this post has various reasons why you’re like your existing cookware, so here I am going to talk on behalf of why I love cooking in cast iron cookware.

  1. Even-Heating

  2. Once the cast iron cookware is warmed up, there will be even heat spread to every nuke and corner of the cookware. This sounds great right! So now you can cook gravies and soups on a long simmer and end up with perfectly cooked gravies. That’s why our granny’s gravies tasted so yummy. The heating temperature in the centre of the cookware is the same even on the corners.

  3. Versatility

  4. The cast iron skillet is cookware that can be used on a stove, oven, grill or even during campfires. You can use it to make soups, gravies, pizzas, etc. If you’re a person of interest in minimalism then you should go ahead and buy a piece of cast iron cookware for your kitchen.

  5. Heirloom Quality

  6. Now the society is driving towards consumerism where we are all about seeing dazzling new things. Cast iron utensils will last forever and could be passed onto generations along with your cooking traditions which will create a mark for the future. The point of passing it on to generations is not an exaggeration.

  7. Non-stick

  8. Even though according to the marketing trends most of the newly bought cast iron cookware is not going to be non-stick. No matter how “pre-seasoned” it’s, the surface of a new cast iron cookware will have little nooks and crannies.

    As you start cooking with it those small gaps or nooks will get filled with the half heat altered fats and oils from the food you cook. This will help the cookware to get a slip-and-slide, smooth non-stick cooking surface. 

  9. Iron Added to Food

  10. I have been anaemic my entire life and regularly cooking with cast iron is one way that many natural practitioners recommend helping to supplement iron.

    There have been studies that show that foods cooked in cast iron cookware show a 16% increase in iron content over those cooked in a non-iron skillet. That’s no small amount when you’re fighting iron deficiency and loathe taking iron supplements.

  11. Yummier Food

  12. Okay, so I can’t prove this with scientific research… but I think food cooked in cast iron is just dang yummier. And the older and more seasoned skillet, even the yummier. Maybe it’s the decade’s worth of fats and seasonings in the skillet. Maybe it’s all in my head. Either way, it tastes better and that’s always a good thing!

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