The Battle of Cookware: Cast Iron VS Non-Stick

Eating good food is important… But the cookware in which it’s cooked is much more important.  Because the quality of the food depends on the cookware that we choose, it’s necessary to find the right cookware for your kitchen.

Non-stick pans and Tawas are preferred by many as it is non-sticky and light. Sure it is…!

But..! What about the health factor? That’s an important thing to check on. Good food leads to good health and good health can lead to a very good life. So there should not be any compromise on good health.

Choosing the right cookware??? This is where the battle begins….!

Difference Between Cast Iron and Non Stick Cookware

  • Quality of Food

  • Food that is cooked in cast iron does not destroy the taste, rather it enhances the flavour.  Since they heat up slowly, the food does not burn and you can enjoy a perfectly cooked meal. Bon appetite…!

    On the other hand, non-stick cookware can cook food but does not add a genuine flavour to your food and does not project the existing taste as it is. It also burns food sometimes, and that is not so appealing.

    Wow! Now we know what helps with taste…..!

  • Durability

  • So let’s see who the tough guy is……!Non-stick cookware is lightweight and easy to handle. But they are not so good at bearing high heat…. agreed? Yes! Also, the Teflon coating on its surface wears off easily by harsh usage.

    What happens then? It mixes with the food. Well, that does not feel good to us.

    We know that wood is the safest partner of non-stick. Well, not every one of us has the patience to use the proper utensils for cooking. So we don’t always remember the “non-stick cookware – wooden spatula pair”.

    Cast iron cookware from The Indus valley is made up of strong iron material which helps them to stay tough and hard for a long time. Well, a very long time in fact…

    …they are not coated with other materials like in non-stick cookware and are much more reliable. Cast iron cookware is hard and strong and is capable of bearing high heat.

    Hence it’s durable and lasts for a very long time. Indian cuisines mostly involve slow cooking methods. So it’s perfect for slow cooking meals. Hence cast iron is the strongest and durable.

  • Cost Benefit

  • Non-stick is comparatively cheaper than cast iron. You may get it for cheaper rates which seem to be appealing at first. But, think about it….. Because they don’t last long, you will have to change the non-stick cookware often which leads to more spending.

    Now, do you think it’s cheap……??? Well, buying cast iron cookware from The Indus valley is like investing in a long-term asset. It doesn’t wear off so soon and hence you don’t have the need to change it often. 

    And guess what, your expense is less when compared to the repetitive purchases done for non-stick cookware which are at the end a waste of money.

    It’s time for you to decide which one is cost-effective in the long run.

    Think wise and you can save a lot!

  • Effect on Health

  • Cooking in non-stick adds slow poison to your food. You wonder how?

    The Teflon coating that wears off while cooking, gets mixed with food. As days pass by this can have bad effects on health.

    One of the reasons for the rise in the percentage of diseases and defects in the human race is the usage of such hazardous materials. It is a better option to use cast iron cookware as a replacement of non-stick cookware.


    Cast iron cookware does not have any kind of coating or poisonous materials covering it. Since it’s strong and can withstand high temperatures, it doesn’t wear off. 

    This helps in the organic way of cooking that is healthy and reliable. In fact, they add iron content to the food that is being cooked in it, which improves immunity and helps to stay healthy.

    Now it’s clear about the health benefits that cast iron can contribute and the fact about how poisonous the non-stick cookware can be.

    The facts are now by your side……!

    Your turn to choose the best for you……!!!

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