THE BEST CHOPPING BOARD: Wooden chopping board or Plastic

Chopping boards are a necessity in every home nowadays.

They make cooking easy….! Don’t they…!?

Different kinds of chopping boards are available in the market. They vary in size, quality and also the material.  

The most common chopping boards found in the market nowadays are plastic chopping boards. Then comes the wooden, fibre, glass and other cutting boards.

Large Wooden Chopping Boards Online India

Of course, plastic cutting boards are easy to find, buy and maintain. But, what about the hygiene factors…?? Food that is cut on these boards needs to be safe and healthy to eat. When it’s not hygienic, what is the point of thinking about health?? Hence choosing the right chopping board is important…..!

Nowadays chopping boards that are made out of wood is preferred as a replacement for plastic cutting boards. This is because wood does not support the growth of harmful bacteria….! Also wood does not make knives blunt due to constant usage.

Good to know that…! Isn’t it??

Wooden chopping boards from The Indus Valley are well made with the designs that are convenient for chopping. Let’s see why wood chopping boards are chosen over plastic…

Large Wooden Chopping Boards online India


The wooden chopping board can absorb moisture and can keep the surface dry by killing the bacteria stopping them from breeding. This can help in keeping the board clean. Hence it is bacteria-free, clean and fresh after every use. 

Plastic boards do not absorb moisture and hence it lets bacteria stay on their surface and leads to infection on food. This does not help in a healthy lifestyle. Even if the plastic boards are washed in a dishwasher, the bacteria can spread in the next usage. Hence it’s not so healthy.

Large wooden Chopping boards


Wooden chopping boards are biodegradable and safe for the environment. They don’t take much time to degrade and do not release harmful toxins into the environment.  

Whereas, plastic boards do not degrade well and are disastrous. They can form dangerous microplastics when degraded. This causes pollution in the environment.

Buy Large Wooden Chopping Boards Online India

Food poisoning:

Wood even when it wears off, does not poison the food. It is a natural element and has healing properties. But it’s not the case with plastics. They are dangerous and can cause deadly diseases like cancer, skin diseases, birth defects, etc…

The wooden chopping board helps in keeping the food clean and healthy. It is therefore chosen nowadays for its health benefits. Wooden chopping boards from The Indus Valley are made out of good quality timber. Hence they are safe and reliable.

Large wooden cutting boards online India


Plastic chopping boards are easy to use and clean. But they get weak as days pass by. They start losing their strength and rigidity. This makes them less durable. That doesn’t sound like a good quality cutting board. Does it?? Of course NO! Big No…!

Wooden chopping board, on the other hand, is tough and rigid. They don’t get weak or lose their strength. If it’s taken care of well, it can last longer. Hence the wooden chopping board remains a healthy and reliable option.

Sounds great right….! 

Get your durable, quality wooden chopping board from The Indus Valley and experience the real pleasure of chopping your food. And remember, it gives you health benefits and cost advantages.

Hurry…!  Why wait…..! Grab your wooden chopping board right now……!

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