What Are The Different Types Of Iron Cookware?

At The Indus Valley, you will find a wide selection of iron cookware. We have some of the bestselling iron cookware that can help you maintain a healthy cooking routine.


Different Types of Iron Cookware at The Indus Valley



Iron Kadai



Don't settle for cheap, potentially toxic non-stick cookware when you can get the amazing pre seasoned iron kadai from The Indus Valley. When using this premium quality iron kadai for cooking, it enriches food with iron to help you and your family stay healthy.


It's also strong and long-lasting so you don't have to worry about replacing it. Guaranteed that it will turn out to be the best iron kadai in India! So buy iron kadai online from us with confidence.



Iron Dosa Tawa & Iron Roti Tawa



Using an iron tawa can greatly enhance your cooking experience while making chapatis, rotis or naan. As the tawa is made of natural material, it is a much healthier alternative to a nonstick tawa. The Indus Valley's superior quality, food-grade tawa is sleek, smooth and 100% safe for you. 


The induction tawa for dosa is a much better option than a non-stick one, as it adds iron and distinct flavour to your dosas. So you get to enjoy restaurant-like, crispy and tasty dosas.


On the other hand, the iron roti tawa provides an incredibly smooth surface that requires minimal oil. It makes rotis taste much better. Therefore, The Indus Valley iron tawa is a great addition to any kitchen. However, please note that this tawa is not compatible with induction cooktops.


On The Indus Valley, you can find the perfect iron cookware set for you. Choose from a range of pre-seasoned iron tawa sets and other products that fit your budget.



Iron Frying Pan



Indus Valley's iron frying pan is the perfect choice for switching to healthy cooking. Its food-safe design ensures the safety of you and your family's health. Buy pre seasoned fry pan that is assured to be of high-quality, made of 100% natural material.


Truly this induction frying pan is a durable, long-term solution. The best iron frying pan ever! So, ditch the cheap non-stick pans and choose this fry pan - pre-seasoned and ready to use!



Iron Tadka Pan



This premium grade iron tadka pan is designed for dishes that require frying, searing and browning foods in small quantities. Its smooth finish and low oil use make it a great choice for cooking. Not only does it have a high iron content, but it also enhances the flavour of food.


Additionally, its durable construction makes the tadka pan a great gift and a valuable heirloom item. The firmly riveted wooden handle provides a comfortable grip, which is especially helpful when preparing food that needs to be flipped, stirred-fried or tossed. This iron tadka pan has better durability than a steel tadka pan.


Truly, the perfect pan choice if you want to take your seasoning game to the next level.



Iron Wok



Now you can make delicious Chinese food right at home by getting The Indus Valley's iron wok online. This Chinese wok pan, also known as a curry wok, allows you to cook in the traditional way, with food being cooked over a high flame and tossed quickly.


Not only can this pre seasoned pan be used on a gas stove, but it can also be used to cook food outdoors over a campfire. Despite the intense heat, the iron wok pan is durable and long-lasting.


With the ability to make tastier, healthier meals at home, why not place an order for The Indus Valley's best iron wok pan in India and make it a part of your kitchen?


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