Sheet Iron Cookware: Frequently Asked Questions

Explore the world of Sheet Iron Cookware with The Indus Valley! Get answers to all your FAQs in this informative blog, and uncover the secrets to cooking excellence with iron cookware.

Iron cookware FAQs

Q. Is non-stick bad for me?

A. Non-stick has a chemical coating called Teflon. This harmful coating breaks down at a very high temperature. Inhaling these invisible chemical fumes will give health risks. Importantly, this coating releases toxins in food. These toxins remain in your body forever! Hence called “Forever Chemicals”. Read more.

Q. Is iron cookware good for health?

A. Cooking food in iron utensils is safe and healthy. Sheet iron cookware adds iron to food that is good for our health. Thus, it is a healthier alternative to non-stick cookware that has harmful chemical coatings. 

Q. What is meant by seasoning?

A. The process of applying a layer of cooking oil over iron cookware is called seasoning. It thus gets a naturally non-stick surface. Seasoning prevents sheet sheet iron utensils from rusting. 




Q. Will iron cookware rust?

A. Yes, sheet iron cookware will rust if exposed to water for a long time or kept in wet conditions. Season it to make it shine as new. 




Q. Can iron cookware be used on induction cooktop?

A. All flat-base sheet iron cookware are induction-friendly.

Q. How often can I use iron cookware?

A. Regularly. You can use sheet iron cookware on a daily basis.

Iron Cookware Seasoning

Q. How to season iron cookware?

A. Seasoning your sheet iron cookware is important before use to prevent rusting, avoid black residue and maintain a naturally non-stick finish. Here are simple steps to season iron cookware:

1. Wash the new iron cookware with warm soapy water & a scrub pad.

2. Dry it & apply cooking oil all over.

3. Heat the cookware on the gas stove until smoke appears.

4. Saute onions/vegetable waste until brown & discard.

5. Wipe and store in a dry place.

Q. How to clean iron cookware?

A. Here are easy steps to clean iron cookware:

1. Wash sheet iron cookware with soapy water & a scrub pad.

2. Heat it mildly on a gas stove until completely dry.

3. Apply cooking oil all over to prevent rusting.

Q. How to restore rusted iron cookware?

A. Here is an easy way to restore rusted sheet iron cookware:

1. Make a solution of half cup water and half cup vinegar.

2. Spray this solution or apply it on rusted cookware.

3. Allow it to rest for a maximum of 10 minutes. The cookware will corrode if left beyond 20 minutes.

4. Scrub the rust away with a metal scrubber.

5. Wash the surface with warm, soapy water.

6. Wipe it dry & season it. Your cookware is now good to use.

Q. What to do to avoid iron cookware from rusting?

A. Don’t leave sheet iron cookware in wet condition. Do not soak your iron cookware in water. Always wipe it completely dry with a cloth after every wash. Post wash, apply a thin layer of cooking oil to the entire cookware surface.

Q. What causes iron cookware to rust?

A. Avoid leaving your sheet iron cookware soaked in water. Similar to any high-quality iron item, it is prone to rust. If you notice rust on your iron cookware, there's no need to worry.


In fact, it indicates that your Indus Valley sheet iron cookware is crafted from 100% pure iron. Simply re-season it to make it as good as new.

Q. What to do if iron cookware adds black residue to food?

A. The sheet iron cookware will release black residue initially. No need to worry, as it has been seasoned with 100% vegetable oil.

Here’s the solution to treat black residue:
1. Heat the cookware on the gas stove. Add oil.
2. Saute potato peel and salt until brown & discard.
3. Wipe and use.

Another quick trick to remove this black residue is to sauté some onion or vegetable waste several times.

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