All About Bronze Utensils

Our Bronze & Brass Kitchenware perfectly blends traditional culinary with visual aesthetics. Be it bronze cookware or brass uruli, our products are specially handcrafted to be your kitchen sidekick!

Why Choose Bronze Utensils?

  1. Heats Evenly - Bronze is a good conductor of heat. It distributes heat evenly, for that perfectly cooked Appam!
  2. Durable - Bronze is a durable material and will last you for ages! This is a unique heirloom that will be a treasured family secret.
  3. Food Safe - Completely safe and reliable alternative to those nasty non-stick utensils. Only good utensils for your food.

Benefits of Bronze According to Ayurveda

  • Pacifies vata and pitta. (Beneficial for issues such as dry skin, nervous temperament, irritability)
  • It also helps reduce obesity, improves eyesight and skin condition.
  • Increases hemoglobin count.

    "It is the best to cook and eat in."

    Usage and Care


    • Avoid bronze utensils for cooking or storing acidic food items. (Particularly, food with tamarind and lime)
    • The use of metal scrubs is commonly not recommended.
    • Do not soak in water for a long time.


    • Wash them with delicate detergents and mild soaps.
    • Use a soft sponge to clean a bronze vessel.
    • Soak the utensils in tamarind water for a while to remove oxidization from time to time. It brings back the shine. Alternatively,you can scrub using tamarind skin.
    • Bronze that’s is not lacquered will stain and corrode easily if it’s left with food or liquid. It is best to clean your bronze utensils immediately after use.


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