5 Reasons to Fall In Love With Our Copper Drinkware

Handcrafted To Last:

We live in a world of consumerism where the rise of plastics destroying our eco-system, The Indus Valley strives to make the choice easy for the customers. We source beautiful kitchen needs that are handcrafted to last for a lifetime.

Our Copper Drinkware is sourced from the best artisans from the Indian market. The copper hammering traditions are the roots of our civilization and the artisans who make it are carrying these traditions to this modern day.

Our Copper Drinkware Products are designed for your well being with a lifetime service and eradicate carbon footprint.

Made From 100% Pure Copper

The artisans who make our copper drinkware products ensure it’s made with 100% pure copper, whereas our glass, jugs & bottles are all made ins such a manner. The Indus Valley wants to make Earth-friendly choices easy for you!!

The After Taste 

Copper Drinkware keeps cold drinks chilled and hot drinks sizzling hot! Our Copper Drinkware makes an excellent addition to any summer or winter. In case if your someone who likes to have frosty juices or beverages during summer you could bottle them up in your refrigerator. You could also serve your guest’s frosty beverages during the upcoming summer with copper glasses.

The Ayurvedic Effect

According to the ayurvedic principles, copper drinkware has antimicrobial antioxidant, anti-carcinogenic and inflammatory properties. If you ever need an excuse to drink in our copper drinkware here’s one for you!

It’s Stunning

It’s not easy to make eco-friendly decisions, but we can help you out with that by making it a bit easier. 

The lacquer finish copper is gorgeous, the diamond cut copper glass is amazing, whatever form it is copper is simply the best. Our Copper Drinkware products can also be gifted to anyone & everyone, even to a person who has everything.

Uniqueness (Bonus Point)

Our Copper drinkware’s are hand made by the top artisans of the nation & are 100% recyclable. Products always stand alone in the crowd whereas other products are cheaply made in the masses. Copper Drinkware’s are a real deal for the special ones you care abou

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