Best Alternatives To Non-Stick Cookware 

Looking for a healthier alternative for nonstick cookware? Then let’s help you find the best one.

This article is about different cookware ranges that you can choose from to meet your daily cooking needs in a healthy manner. 

Disadvantages of non stick cookware

The reason that nonstick cookware is so popular and commonly used in many kitchens is because it is both easy to use and budget-friendly. However, only a few people are aware of the health risks that these non-stick products provide.

On the other hand,
non-stick cookware is not a good choice for one’s health as well as investment. Firstly, it is coated with deadly chemicals that can bring side effects on you and your family’s health, if used for a long time.

Secondly, nonstick cookware has a delicate nature, which means it cannot withstand rough usage. The Teflon coating will wear off easily, due to regular cooking and if used on extremely high temperatures. 

What is used to make non stick cookware?

One could ask how non-stick cookware is damaging to our health. To begin with, more than 90% of non-stick products include a hazardous chemical known as Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE). 

non-stick cookware include a hazardous chemical known as Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE)

Over two decades ago, most of the makers of nonstick cookware used a synthetic chemical called PFOA (perfluorooctanoic acid). This helped to achieve a non-stick coating to the cookware. Later on from 2013, PFOA was eliminated from the PTFE production process because it was discovered to cause health problems and disease.

Although PTFE is still used in today's cookware, it is fully devoid of PFOA. There is no proven health hazard on this yet. However it has been claimed that PTFE coated cookware is very dangerous when heated excessively. And when this happens, it is said to take less than three minutes for the nonstick cookware to release chemicals in your food.

Shockingly, when such cookware releases harmful fumes it won’t be visible or have any odour - which means, the toxicity will be inhaled by both humans and animals (pets). 

Non Stick cookware releases harmful fumes which will be inhaled by both humans and animals (pets)

Considering this, one has to ensure that they don’t overheat their cookware. Prolonged exposure to deadly fumes from nonstick cookware can trigger symptoms of flu and even damage the lungs in the longer run. If used thoughtfully, nonstick cookware is safe. However, it is better to have safe and healthier choices instead. 

nonstick cookware can trigger symptoms of flu and even damage the lungs in the longer run

Here The Indus Valley is sharing with you a wide and beautiful range of cookware options that are entirely chemical-free, food-safe and healthy. Before going forward, one has to remember that each cookware range is distinct and comes with its own functionality and purpose.

So this cookware guide will help you to choose the right type of cooking partner and embrace a healthy cooking ritual. 

Cast Iron Cookware & Iron Cookware 

Cast iron cookware is a classic example of traditional utensils. The majority of the wares in this category are designed for slow cooking and heavy-duty food preparation. This aspect helps in releasing the iron content in your meals, increasing the cooking experience and ensuring the best results.

On the other hand, iron cookware is lighter than cast iron cookware, yet it is just as effective in preparing iron-rich foods. Both cast iron and iron cookware enable even heating, which helps to preserve the nutrients in the food.

They are, in fact, ideal for preparing traditional cuisines and keeping meals hot for longer periods of time. Plus, they will enhance the flavour of any dish by giving them a nice, rustic taste.

Cast Iron Cookware

How to use cast iron cookware? 

At The Indus Valley, you can browse through various products under cast iron and iron cookware and choose the one that suits your lifestyle, family size and cooking requirement.

In the former category, one can find cast iron kadai, cast iron tawa, cast iron skillet, cast iron grill pan and more. Wondering what can be cooked in cast iron kadai?

Basically, the cast iron kadai is perfect for slow cooking and heavy-duty food preparation. It is ideal for making dishes such as traditional gravies, curries including dal, sabzi, and even deep frying to make crispy snacks like samosas, papads, murukkus, sevaiyyas, french fries and more.

One can get restaurant-like dosas in the cast iron tawa whereas, enjoy yummy sandwiches, grilled chicken, paneer tikka and so on, cooked by a cast iron grill pan. Similarly, cast iron skillet is nothing but a heavy fry pan and it is one of the favourite cookware of chefs and cooks. 

Cast iron cookware is really a healthy option and can last for generations. Only thing is that one has to be careful about its care and seasoning to maintain its quality and shelf-life.

Cast iron cookware cannot be left in water, soaked for a long time. It needs to be cleaned and dried immediately after use. It is recommended to heat the cookware after drying and when cooled, apply a thin layer of any cooking oil to maintain a non-sticky surface and prevent rusting. 

Iron Cookware

Clay Cookware 

Clay cookware, usually handcrafted, are completely chemical-free and food-safe. It is typically traditional, beautiful and healthy cookware! Clay or terracotta cookware will naturally load your meals with nutrients and enhance its flavour with a nice, earthy taste. 

The clay utensils are perfect for slow cooking due to its natural-based material. Making rice and meat meals, boiling vegetables, classic curries, or gravies that require a longer cooking period can yield excellent results. You can also make a good impression by serving any type of food in clay kadai. Giving clay pots as presents to someone whom you care about will be the best and thoughtful gift idea. So, abandon the hazardous non-stick cookware and choose these fantastic, health-friendly clay utensils instead!

Clayture is the exclusive clay kitchenware range under The Indus Valley. Made of high-grade natural material, clay cookware is 100% food safe, certified heavy metal-free and regulates pH of food.

The lead free clay cookware is comfortable for cooking, serving and dining purposes. Amongst the clay kitchenware, you will find clay water bottle, puttu maker, curd bowl, thali and more.  


Copper utensils come with health benefits. For example, Copper jug, copper water bottle and copper water dispenser are helpful in purifying drinking water, by killing harmful bacteria.

Plus, water stored in copper vessels is said to reduce any kinds of stomach ailments such as indigestion, inflammation or infection. So, one can understand that copperware is a better alternative to plastic utensils or plastic water cans. 


The Indus Valley has a beautiful collection of copperware that includes copper tumblers, copper saucepan, copper thali set, copper serving bowls,  copper water dispenser, copper straws, copper sipper bottles and more.

Some of the copper cookware have an outer lining that is made of pure copper, while the inner side has a stainless steel lining. These are quite handy in terms of serving purposes as they keep food warm for a long time.

Among the best features, copper cookware is food-safe, without any chemicals or plastic coatings, is lightweight, easy to clean and maintain. 

Tri-ply Stainless Steel Cookware

The Indus Valley’s Tri-ply Stainless Steel Cookware is typically suitable for urban lifestyles. Despite the fact that each object in this line is sturdy and built of three layers of metal, they make cooking and cleaning a breeze. Because it is fully coated, it distributes heat evenly, eliminating 90 percent of food burns and retaining 85 percent of food nutrients. 

Even with a small amount of oil, one can get desired cooking outcomes without having to worry about food sticking to the pan. 

Under this range there are 4 products. The Tri-ply Stainless Steel stockpot is good for slow cooking. It can be used for rice recipes, broths, soups, stocks, boiling pasta, noodles or spaghetti, potatoes and any meat dishes that require a long simmering time.

The tri-ply stainless steel fry pan is ideal for frying vegetables, searing meat, browning, or making omelettes. Similarly the kadai and saucepan are suitable for quick cooking. 

Tri-ply Stainless Steel Cookware

Other Healthy Cookware Alternatives

Besides the above mentioned major choices, you also have brass and bronze cookware and wooden utensils. Brass and bronze cookware typically fall under the traditional category and have proven to be the perfect kitchen partners for ages.

At The Indus Valley, you can find an assorted range of bronze and brass kitchen wares that are made of premium quality material and are entirely food-safe. Mostly considered as heirloom products, the
brass and bronze cookware is good for cooking, serving and even decor purposes.

Whether it is handmade brass kumkum box, bronze pot, bronze uruli or bronze kadai for cooking, you can find them all at The Indus Valley! 

Wooden Tableware

Last but not the least, there is wooden kitchenware that is not only good utility wise but also has a beautiful appeal.

Wooden chopping board, wooden bowls, wooden spatula and spoons set for cooking and many other kinds of wooden utensils you will find at The Indus Valley.

With neem wood utensils, one can surely expect to get a satisfying cooking experience. So if you are searching for wooden kitchen items online, then without any doubts

We hope this article was quite helpful for you. It is advisable to make a wise choice and switch to safe and toxin-free utensils. Visit The Indus Valley, and choose your favourite healthy cookware for life. 

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