CLAY FOR HEALTH: Clay products for your health

Have you ever wondered how our grandparents or great grandparents use to cook…?

Have you ever wondered how our grandparents or great grandparents use to cook…?

In earlier days, cooking was done with natural ingredients. Most importantly, the cookware used was also made out of natural materials.

And that helped them lead a healthy life…..!

Do you think we still follow the same way of cooking..?

No..!! The introduction of non-stick pans, plastics and other kinds of artificial cookware impacted our lifestyle. People started choosing non-stick pans and plastics for their convenience. But do we think about their impact on our lives? At least about the health issue, it brings to us?


Well…! It’s time to change our thoughts.

Enough of the diseases it brought to us. Let the dangerous diseases like cancer, reproductive problems and every other immunity disorders vanish.

Let’s explore the traditional ways of cooking, and lead a healthy lifestyle. Healthy cookware for Indian cooking…! Terracotta clay is a natural material which was used to create wonderful cookware for generations. It is magical that sand can create such fascinating objects.

Food that is cooked in clay cookware tastes much better than that of other artificial cookware. To say about the health benefits….?? It’s outstanding………

Clay pots add many important nutrients like calcium, phosphorous, iron, magnesium and sulphur to food, which is extremely beneficial to our body.

Oil is not necessary for cooking in a clay pot and thus, it is observed that food cooked in clay pots are much lower in fat than food prepared in any other cookware.

The clay products from The Indus Valley are good for health and the environment. To buy your clay cookware online, click here.

Clay Utensils

Do you wanna know why our ancestors considered clay important?? Let’s see the benefits of clay and understand why it is so special….!

Health benefits:

The first and foremost advantage of clay is the goodness, it brings to our health. Clay is a natural substance and hence it does not add poisonous or artificial materials to the food that is cooked in it.

And surprisingly, mud contains most types of vitamins. Since it’s alkaline in nature, it neutralizes the food that is cooked in it and acts as a natural detox. Well, we all want a healthy life…!

So why wait? Let’s go back to the clay era..!

The clay cookware from The Indus Valley does not contain harmful substances like lead that is present in ceramic and non-stick cookware. So, they are completely safe.

Good quality food:

Food that is prepared in clay pots are slow-cooked and it preserves the flavour of the food in a good way. It helps in retaining the nutrients in the food and hence a healthy option.

The food does not lose its quality. And that’s the reason why traditional cooking tastes and feel much better.

Who doesn’t like the tasty treats from their grandma?? Yummy…!

Buy your clay cookware from The Indus Valley and bring back the delicious memories of your granny’s cooking…..!

Cost effective and reliable:

Unlike other trendy cookware, clay cookware is cheaper and feasible. Buying clay cookware might be a hard task for people in big cities…! But trust me, they are around you.

You just need to find the perfect cookware. Even if you find one, the quality assurance of the product is still a question…! What to do now?

No worries…! The Indus Valley is now one of the trusted cookware brands in India. We have the solution to your problem. Our clay cookware is available at reasonable prices with assured quality. We have clay water bottles that are suitable to store water for a long time. Since they are porous, they cool down the water in them.

It’s a cool deal….. Isn’t it?

Just buying them is not the end of the process. Don’t you wanna give them a long life?

Here is the tip to keep it clean and long-lasting…!

Clay Craft Coffee Mugs

Curing and cleaning tips…!

Seasoning of the clay vessels:

Immerse your clay vessel in the water for a day. Take your vessel from the water and dry it with a clean dry cloth. Pour some water in the vessel and heat it for five minutes in oven or stove. Now pour out the water from the vessel and dry it again with the cloth.

This seasoning process is for cooking vessels alone. Clay drinkware needs a normal wash in lukewarm or regular water to be ready for use.

Ready to go…! Your clay vessel is now ready for cooking…!

Cleaning of Clay cookware:

Soap is not a good option to clean a terracotta vessel as it will get soaked into the vessel and later sweeps into the food that is cooked in it. This is not good for us. So, how to clean your vessels??

Here is the tip..!

Soak your terracotta vessel in the water for a few minutes and scrub it with a scrubber or brush. If the stain doesn’t go that easy, soak it in warm water and then scrub it with rock salt. This will give you a clean and fresh clay pot. A little amount of baking soda can be used to remove any unpleasant odour.

Hurray…..! There you have your clean, fresh clay vessel….!

Here are few eye-catching clay products from The Indus valley, that will help you with the joy of cooking..


Clay Kadai

Clay Kadai set of 3

Clay Dinner Thali Set

Clay Coffee Mug - Set of 6

Clay Kullhad Tea cups - Set of 6

Clay Curd Bowl - Set of 4

Clay Handi Bowl - Set of 3 

Clay Puttu maker

Clay Terracotta water Bottle

Clay water Bottle - 600ml

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