How to Clean Burnt Cast Iron Pan?

Cast iron cookware is perfectly an antique piece that can do a lot of work in your kitchen. They do a great job of cooking and help us to cook distinctive foods.

At the same time, they need some special care in cleaning in order to season them. By following certain steps we can easily get rid of burnt food from the pan. In this guide, you will get to know how to clean a burnt cast iron pan.

1. First, wash it with water. Apply mild dish wash soap if you can’t clean it with water and scrub off the food from the iron Kadai.

2. Now wash it with water again and wipe it off using a paper towel or soft cloth then apply oil to give it a greasy layer for seasoning it.

3. Removing burnt food may vary with time but it has to be properly and pre-cautiously be handled. 

4. When food is just or recently burnt – When your food starts burning just switch off the stove immediately, apply 1-2 spoons of oil to clean the food, and keep it at rest. You can use any cooking oil that gives you instant results if your skillet is just burnt recently.

5. If the burnt skillet is left for a longer period – In case your cast iron skillet is seriously burnt or it is left over for a longer period then it needs more cleaning work than that of oil. For which you can use rock salt or baking soda on the affected area of the pan.

Now using a paper towel or soft cloth scrub the pan thoroughly to remove the food particles that are stuck. Then give a mild rinse to it so that the leftover salt or baking soda is cleaned.  

6. In order to clean that food that sits on the pan – In order to clean that food that is burnt for a long time or which is left to sit for a long time can be boiled. For this, you need to heat it with water.

Keep it on the stove under a medium flame until the water on the skillet gets simmer and boil it. Now using a wooden spoon or spatula try to remove the burnt food from the pan. After cleaning, remove the water from it and let it dry before storage. Then dry the pan in order to avoid rusting. 

    7. You can also use it with a stove by wiping off the surface of the pan using a dry cloth or paper towel in order to remove the excess water. Then put it on the stove and heat it under medium flame for 10 minutes to let it dry completely.

    Always make sure that the iron Tawa is completely dried without water before oiling it or storing it.

    8. Removing burnt on foods from the cast iron pan is quite challenging when it is postponed for a longer period. When you come to know that your cast iron pan is burnt, immediately switch off the stove.

    Try to clean it immediately before the heat gets chilled off. So that it can be cleaned and seasoned easily. I hope, now you would have found an answer on how to clean burnt cast iron cookware.

    Thank you!

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