Must Have Cast Iron Cookware!

1. Cast Iron Tawa

Thinking of a crispy dosa, the first thing that strikes is a tawa. It may look easy to prepare a Dosa in a non-stick pan, but the chemicals can ruin your health when used for a long time. 

Cast iron Tawa is natural and when seasoned properly, it gets non-sticky in few uses. Stays good for years and even for generations when maintained properly.

 Cast Iron Kadai

Let it be spicy gravy or some delicious curry to go with rice, the perfect cookware is Cast Iron Kadai. It’s even better when it involves slow cooking. This way, iron content is actually increased in your meal.

It cooks evenly and the food remains hot for a long time even after cooking. When your meal involves citric acids like tomatoes, lemon or acetic like vinegar, don’t forget to transfer it to a bowl once you have finished cooking. This prevents that metallic taste when kept in the kadai for a long time.

3. Cast Iron Skillet

The ultimate cookware for food that involves less oil is the Cast Iron Skillet. Let it be frying fish or sauteing vegetables, this is the best option.

It heats evenly and comes with a handle for you to use comfortably. For someone who is looking for a healthy alternative to Teflon coated non-stick pans, this is an ideal option.

4. Cast iron appam pan 


The non-stick pans available in the market for making appam are just filled with chemicals like Teflon. Switch to Cast Iron Appam pan. It’s more natural and 100% chemical free.

So making appam, which is crispy at the edges and soft at the center shouldn’t be a big deal. Have a healthy meal and lead a happy life.

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