Tri-ply cookware versus non-stick cookware?

triply stainless steel cookware


Triply cookware is made of a food-grade triple layer of high-quality stainless steel and aluminium. Whereas, non stick cookware generally has a coating of Teflon, which gives it its non-stick nature.


Having thick food grade stainless steel layers makes tri ply cookware long lasting and safe for daily cooking. For novice cooks, handling stainless steel utensils might seem a bit complicated and cumbersome and non-stick cookware might seem like the right choice due to its ease of use.


However, when it comes to long-term usage and health benefits, stainless steel vessels are preferred. Tri ply stainless steel cookware requires good hands and uses temperature to the advantage of cooking.


In general, stainless steel lasts longer and is safer for cooking in the long term. 


Which is The Best Metal For Cooking? 


There are a few metals that are used often in the making of cooking utensils. The most common types are stainless steel, cast iron, aluminium, copper and ceramic.


The safest options among them are stainless steel and cast iron. Other metals can leach into food while cooking, hindering safety measures. 


Considering everything, the metal that is most durable and safest for use for regular cooking is stainless steel. The tri ply stainless steel cookware offered by The Indus Valley is 100% chemical-free and tested for high durability.


Tri-Ply Stainless Steel Cookware: Best of Health and Convenience


Have you ever dreamt of cookware that seamlessly combines the pursuit of healthy cooking with utmost convenience? Your dream has materialised with The Indus Valley's Tri-ply Stainless Steel Cookware – a smart, contemporary solution for an effortless and health-conscious culinary experience. 


Our commitment at The Indus Valley revolves around providing cookware that prioritises safety and well-being in every Indian kitchen, ensuring that cooking becomes a joyful cooking experience with minimal effort.


The triply stainless steel utensils are made of three layers of metal from base to rim. These kitchen tools and appliances have clad materials as the core.


Typically, aluminium is sandwiched in between an inside stainless steel layer of 18/10 grade (also known as 304 grade stainless steel) and durable 430 grade stainless steel on the outside. 


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6 Best Features of The Indus Valley Tri Ply Stainless Steel Cookware 


There are plenty of best stainless steel cookware brands in the Indian market, but none of them guarantees food safety as much as triply stainless steel cookware.


You might find stainless steel price in local market very affordable but you cannot be sure they are good for you and your family's health. 


Normal stainless steel cookware doesn’t pass the food-grade steel safety standards. The tri ply stainless steel items also offer a better surface than normal stainless steel cookware.


Here are top 6 qualities that make our triply stainless steel cookware stand out:


1. The stainless steel used in both layers is 100% food safe and preserves nutrients. 

2. Aesthetically designed for safety with a 100% virgin aluminium layer in between, our triply stainless steel utensils are unique and efficient.

3. The food is cooked with the right temperature distribution. It’s a great investment as these tri ply steel vessels last for years and cook faster with intelligent heat distribution. 

4. Everything under triply cookware including triply kadai, steel casserole, triply sauce pan and other cooking pots are easy to handle and are completely dishwasher safe.

5. Because of the triple-layer, The Indus Valley triply cookware provides military-grade durability. 

6. The tri ply steel utensils are 2.5 mm thick, making it perfect for cooking food faster and preventing erosion in the coming years.


    The triple layer method is so effective because of the well-thought design and use of durable stainless steel. The material used is BIS certified, ensuring high quality and safety standards.  


    Is Tri Ply Stainless Steel Utensils Better Than Non-Stick Cookware?


    Triply stainless steel cookware is always better than non-stick cookware because it lasts longer, cooks faster and retains nutrition. At first, the choice of cookware material may not seem like a matter of consideration.


    However, the coating on the non-stick steel tends to wear off after one or two years. Hence, in comparison, stainless steel remains a safer choice. Non-stick cookware slips into food and causes health hazards when used for long periods. Also, as the thickness reduces, it starts to heat up quickly and the food gets burned more often. 


    Kitchen utensils made out of stainless steel are the best choice for searing and browning your meals. Effective browning is impossible to achieve with a nonstick frying pan as it is not designed for high heat. Other than frying eggs or pancakes, cooking the main courses has always remained the job for stainless steel pan or stainless steel pressure cooker. 


    Here are a few things to learn while cooking in triply stainless steel cookware: 

    Temperature measurement: Stainless steel heats up rather quickly as compared to non-stick cookware. Understanding the use of heat and when to stir the ingredients periodically is crucial. For stir-fries, curries, soups and stews or meats, stainless steel is easy to use with a little practice. 


    Preheat & oiling: While frying things in a stainless steel fry pan, novice cooks often struggle with sticking the food to the steel pan. Hence, while cooking in stainless steel cookware, ensure preheating for 1-2 minutes on medium flame and add sufficient oil. When the oil starts gleaming, add your ingredient.


    Stain Removal: The Indus Valley tri ply stainless steel cookware range includes India’s best cooking utensils that prevents food burns up to 90%. If you burn your food or it sticks to the bottom, an easy way to remove the stains is to use a dishwasher first and then vinegar to clean it. This is a great method to clean rainbow spots in your cookware.


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    What Utensils To Use With Stainless Steel Cookware?


    Triply stainless steel material is best used in a sauce pan, triply kadai, stock pot, fry pan and pressure cooker, to name a few.


    Stainless steel by itself is a poor conductor of heat, and on the contrary, aluminium is a great heat conductor. Hence, stainless steel, when combined with aluminium, becomes a better conductor of heat.


    That’s why The Indus Valley tri-ply cookware has aluminium sandwiched between stainless steel layers and is designed to conduct heat uniformly. Also Read: Is Tri Ply Stainless Steel Cookware Any Good?


    The tri ply stainless steel cookware ensures 0% food leaching and incurs no health risk. The stainless steel cookers are ISI certified and all the cooking pots come in different thicknesses to fit your needs.


    The entire range of triply stainless steel cookware by The Indus Valley is also oven-safe under 450 degrees Fahrenheit. So if you are looking for the best stainless steel cookware in India, simply visit The Indus Valley website. 


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    Different Types of Triply Cookware 


    Tri ply Stainless Steel Kadai: The Indus Valley has 2 variations - one is without lid tri ply stainless steel kadai and another is triply stainless steel kadai with lid (glass). 

    Triply Stainless Steel Frying Pan / Skillet: Along with standard heavy duty stainless steel frying pan, you can find on website tri ply stainless steel frying pan with lid and another triply stainless steel deep frying pan.  

    Triply Stainless Steel Casserole / Stock Pot / Biryani Pot: Suitable for large quantities of food this is a perfect induction biryani pot. Similarly there’s this triply handi with glass lid. It is very convenient for daily use. It is also called a big cooking pot,  cook n serve handi, stew pot, steel dutch oven, among others. You will also find Tri ply Large Casserole / Stock Pot as well. 

    Triply Stainless Steel Saucepan: Perfect saucepan for tea, coffee, sauces, etc, this this stainless steel sauce pan with lid is ideal for daily and quick cooking. This induction sauce pan is also called as small saucepan, milk pan, small tea pan and so on. 

    Triply Stainless Steel Tasla: This triply kadai without handle is good for preparing food and serving dishes. Also called as stainless steel tasra, this triply tasla is useful for making roti dough, mixing food and basic cooking. 

    Triply Stainless Steel Tope: This tri ply tope is also popularly called patila, tepeli and bhagona, it is ideally used for basic cooking and serving food.

    Triply Stainless Steel Saucepot: As the name suggests the tri ply saucepot or small steel casserole is ideal for preparing sauce, soup and stew.

    Triply Stainless Steel Wok: This tri ply wok or chinese wok is good for stir frying, sauteing, deep frying, simmering and so on. 

    Triply Stainless Steel Tadka Pan: The triply tadka pan is a healthy alternative to aluminium or non-stick pan. Also called as vaghar pan, baghar or chounk pan, this triply tadka pan is ideal for seasoning your dishes.



    So ditch stainless steel non stick cookware and visit The Indus Valley for choosing the best heavy bottom stainless steel cookware India, that suits your everyday cooking needs. 


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    Q. Is triply cookware any good?


    A. Tri-ply cookware is one of the first-graded layered stainless steel cooking tools that binds one metal with another to offer many benefits. The tri-ply cookware offers greater heat uniformity and increased durability.


    Q. How to use tri ply stainless steel cookware like non-stick cookware?


    A. To use a stainless steel pan like a non-stick pan, you have to preheat it slightly on medium flame. Now, add oil in an amount sufficient to coat the upper layer of the pan. After 1-2 more minutes, add in your ingredients when the oil is gleaming.


    Q. What is the delivery time of tri-ply cookware?


    A. Once you place your order on The Indus Valley website, triply cookware, the products are dispatched within 48 hours.


    Q. Is tri ply cookware better than stainless steel?


    A. Stainless steel itself is a soft metal and not a good conductor of heat. But in a tri-ply arrangement, when combined with copper or aluminium, stainless steel works great as cookware. 


    Q. Does the handle of The Indus Valley triply kadai and steel fry pan get hot?


    A. The Indus Valley triply kadai and frying pan are some of the best cookware. They come with strongly riveted stay-cool handles which protect your hands from heat and give you a firm grip. The handles don’t get as hot as the metal of the utensils, but it’s safe to use a towel if it feels too hot when touched.


    Q. Does stainless steel rust?


    A. No, stainless steel does not rust. The Indus Valley Tri ply stainless steel cookware is made of 304 grade stainless steel (cooking surface) and 430 grade layer (exterior) with aluminium core. 


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